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While many businesses may produce profits, the self service car wash business will bring profits much more pleasurably. The in-bay car wash industry is a unique one. It offers high income potential by allowing for low labor cost and inventory.

Owning a car wash can be expanded into related areas such as full service, exterior automatic and detail centers. The in-bay self serve car wash is an industry which offers car cleaning services to the motoring consumers who can wash their own vehicle. By vehicle, we mean that you can wash cars, trucks, boats, campers or anything that is portable. With this in mind, imagine how many "dirty" vehicles are in your area alone!

Today's Modern Car Wash

In the beginning, self-service in-bay car washes offered limited services which were simply high pressure wash and rinse with vacuums for the inside of the vehicle. Today, the car wash facility has developed into a complete car care center with a wide range of services in income producing options that include:

  • Count down timers
  • Low pressure pre-soak
  • Low pressure tire/engine cleaner
  • High pressure hot soft water wash
  • Foaming brush for scrubbing action
  • High pressure clear cold soft water rinse
  • High and low pressure Clear Coat Protectant
  • Low pressure spot-free rinse
  • Bug Remover
  • Powerful vacuum cleaners
  • Interior fragrance machine
  • Interior shampooer machine
  • Interior fragrance machine
  • Vending products
  • Polyshell TripleShine® Conditioner
  • Triple Color Foam Brush

Super Saver 2500 and Power Pack both offer a variety of income producing car care options to your customer. These are indicated by the meter decals shown above.

Self Service Car Wash

In Bay Services - our Self Serve Car Wash Equipment Options
Also known as: Self Serve Car Wash Equipment
  Coin Operated Car Wash Equipment
  Self Serve Coin Operated Car Wash Equipment
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