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Automatic Car Wash
Over 30 years of experience developing better performing car wash equipment has gone into the Water Wizard Touchfree Automatic car wash system. The unit is dependable and easy to maintain with built in features that save on operating costs. It's cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and oscillating high pressure nozzles. Customers are sure to be impressed with the speed and cleaning power of the Water Wizard, touchfree automatic car wash equipment.

Wheel Scrub Wheel Scrub


High Pressure Undercarriage WashEvery Water Wizard 2.0 touchfree automatic is loaded with standard features. It includes most of the customer requested features and then some. Every unit is equipped with Undercarriage and Rocker Panel Sprayers. The undercarriage provides a high pressure under the vehicle wash. It can be on or off during any wash cycle.
The On Board Rocker Panel Sprayers thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, and lower part of the vehicle with controlled efficiency.

Water Wizard 2.0 Wash BoomThe specially designed wash boom with high impact, zero degree oscillating nozzles will rotate and attack the dirt on the front and rear of the vehicle. An additional “Bug Pass” can be programmed, front and rear, to provide extra cleaning when seasonal changes require it.

On Board Rocker Panel Blasters

LED Scrolling Signage


On-board Rocker Panel Blasters thoroughly clean the target area, front to rear.



The brightly lit LED scrolling sign and Enter Now/Please Wait bay entrance sign are in constant communication with the customer in the bay and the person next in line.

Scrubbing Action Oscillating Nozzles

Scrubbing Action Oscillating NozzlesThe scrubbing action oscillating nozzles are among the many advantages provided standard with the Water Wizard 2.0. Moving the high pressure water so it attacks the dirty vehicle from different angles serves to peel the dirt away and get into areas that straight on spray patterns do not touch.

Presoak nozzles are independent of the high pressure nozzles providing an effective and efficient delivery system. The nozzles change direction as the gantry moves to ensure a complete covering even in hard to reach areas.

Presoak is applied on both sides and the top simultaneously.

Note the incredible coverage and the unique application. As the gantry travels, a smooth even blanket of hot presoak coats the vehicle loosening grime and dirt.

The entire vehicle will receive a good scrubbing as the high pressure water creates friction upon impact with the vehicle’s surface. The back and forth motion of the zero degree oscillating spray pattern attacks the dirt and grime from all different angles.

"These specifications subject to change In the interest of product improvement. 
Always check specification details."


Auto Height Adjustment
Wizard Contour System
Magic of Tripleshine
Zero Degree Oscillating Rocker Panel Nozzels
Wheel Scrub
Low Pressure Hot Wax
Air Assited Tire Cleaner
Wind Wizard

Auto Height Adjustment
Clean lower height vehicles as well as you do full size SUV’s! The Water Wizard 2.0’s control system scans and profiles the height of each vehicle at the beginning of the wash cycle.
The system will automatically adjust the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights.

Water Wizard 2.0 Automatic Car Wash   Adjusting to specific vehicle dimensions ensures exceptional cleaning on subsequent passes.
Wash Boom automatically adjusts to lower cars for maximum cleaning.   Car Wash Boom Action

Wizard Contour System
Now the contouring option takes command. Observe how closely the wash boom follows the contour of the vehicle, maximizing the scrubbing action of the high-pressure wash. Every vehicle that enters the Water Wizard 2.0, regardless of vehicle height, receives the same quality wash.

Maximum cleaning in a touchfree automatic depends on quality hot presoak and good high pressure scrubbing action. Moving the nozzles closer to the vehicle during the high pressure passes produces consistent and effective cleaning power.

Water Wizard 2.0 Automatic Car Wash Contour Action   Water Wizard 2.0 Automatic Car Wash Contour Action

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Magic of Tripleshine

Triple Shine Car Wash Magic Dazzle your customers with the magic of Tripleshine. Customers are amazed at the incredible array of colors as the specially designed applicator blends the Red, Gold and Blue conditioning foam into a soft, vibrant blanket to protect your vehicle’s finish.

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Zero Degree Oscillating Rocker Panel Nozzels

Zero Degree Oscillating Rocker Panel Nozzles deliver an extra blast of cleaning power to the rocker panel area of the vehicle resulting in a sparkling clean finish.

Wheel Blaster   Zero degree oscillating nozzles deliver and extra blast of cleaning power.
Zero degree Rocker Panel nozzles oscillate internally creating a 20-25 degree spray pattern with no moving parts.   Rocker Panel Action


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Wheel Scrub

Wheel ScrubThe wheel scrub brushes feature counter rotating scrubbing action that clean even the dirtiest wheels. The gantry positions itself so the specialized wheel cleaning brushes can gently and effectively penetrate the most intricate wheel design. The relatively slow speed rotation while the brush is in contact with the wheel spinning in one direction and then changes to spin in the other direction to thoroughly clean the entire wheel.

Wheel ScrubInside each brush are 3 high pressure nozzles that completely cover the wheel and tire as the brush begins to extend giving you that extra blast of cleaning power resulting in clean tires and sparkling wheels.

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Low Pressure Hot Wax

Low Pressure Hot WaxA distinctive spray pattern is being delivered by the Low Pressure Hot Wax System through the gantry mounted rain arch. The option will provide faster drying, insure a smooth even deposition over the entire vehicle and is proven to elicit high approval ratings from customers. It is available for heated or non-heated products.

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Preferred Options
  • Wizard Contour System
  • Magic of Color Triple Shine Foaming Conditioner System
  • Air Assisted Foaming Tire Cleaner
  • Height Adjustment System
  • Pre-Soak Heater System
  • Two Step Pre-Soak Delivery System
  • Circulating Pre-Soak System
  • Zero Degree Oscillating Rocker Panel Nozzles
  • Wheel Scrub
  • Low Pressure Hot Wax
  • Auto Paging System
  • Door Controls
  • Winter Wizard Freeze Control System
  • Entry Wizard 2.0 Automatic Entrance Controller
  • Hot Water High Pressure Wash
  • Zero Degree Oscillating Nozzles on Wash Boom

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Tire Cleaner

On-board tire cleaning applications.

Tire Cleaning Action   A high strength Tire/Wheel cleaner is applied through independent nozzles on the wheels, tires and lower portion of the vehicle. This unique application enables the Water Wizard to "out perform" any other system in the industry on wheels, tires and lower portions of vehicles.

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Wind Wizard

Complete the wash with an effective blower system. The Wind Wizard comes either as a on-board system as shown or as a freestanding system. The programmable rotating center nozzle makes it easy and effective to dry the vehicle from both directions. The stainless steel re-enforced molded housing provides greater safety and less noise.

Wind Wizard   Wind Wizard on-board blower
has three producers for
complete vehicle coverage.
Center producers sweep
distance is easily controlled
  Wind Wizard
Wind Wizard   Center producer rotates 360 degrees for perfect coverage on the front and rear of the vehicle.
Side blowers can be easily
adjusted for maximum performance.
  Wind Wizard

(On-Board Blower)
  • Stainless Steel Re-enforced molded producer
    housing for greater safety and less noise
  • 10 HP TEFC Motors with Welded Steel Fans
  • Open Design Allows Easy Access
  • Dynamically Balanced Fan
  • Can Dry Vehicle from both Directions
  • Programmable Rotating Center Nozzle
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Safety Screen
  • Includes Motor Starters
  • Air Flow: 10 HP Motor – 3,800 CFM Per Nozzle
  • Air Speed: 155 MPH
  • MacNeil Blower

(Floor Mount Blower)

  • Same features as on-board blower except motor
    starter package is optional
  • Overall Height 127 ½”
  • Overall Width: 184 ½”
  • Maximum Clearance: 90” High X 115” Wide


"These specifications subject to change In the interest of product improvement. 
Always check specification details."

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The Water Wizard 2.0 wash gantry is constructed of a stainless steel framework and is built to last for many years to come. Quality craftsmen construct each frame to exacting standards insuring a consistent product.

Water Wizard 2.0Wide Open Spaces
Most components have easy access to inspect and to perform preventative maintenance, as shown in the cut-a-way picture. Side panels are completely removable making servicing the Water Wizard 2.0 a simple task.

Stainless Skins
Over the stainless framework is a stainless steel skin. It is an attractive, durable and easy to clean protective covering. Because the stainless skin is a renewable surface, gantry custom graphics can be added or changed at any time. This will give your Water Wizard a fresh new look for a minimal cost.

  • Adjusts to the length of the vehicle
    (Adjusts to height or contouring optional)
  • Time Saving Presoak and Spot Free Delivery System
  • All Stainless Steel Frame and Gantry
  • Cat 3535 Pump with 25 HP Motor
  • High Pressure Rocker Panel Sprayer On-Board
  • High Pressure Undercarriage Spray System
  • 3” Aluminum Guide Rails
  • Galvanized Railroad Style Gantry Track
  • SS Scrolling Message Sign on Gantry
  • SS “Please Wait” and “Enter Now” Sign
  • SS Chemical and Water Holding Tank
  • Independent Foamy Presoak System
  • Automatic Chemical Mixing System
  • SS Electrical Control Panel
  • Operator Interface Allows Complete Operator Control
  • Manual Override for Gantry Operation
  • Water Saver Medium Pressure Rinse


"These specifications subject to change In the interest of product improvement. 
Always check specification details."


Operator Interface PanelThe comprehensive Operator Interface Panel, located on the electrical control unit, puts you easily in charge…either on-site or via the web. It is so simple to use and a great tool to use when designing wash recipes or trouble shooting. Critical areas are password protected



Water Wizard 2.0 Pumping UnitThe Water Wizard 2.0 pumping unit is a modular, compact equipment package. Mounted on a stainless steel framework are the pumps, motors and chemical mixing systems that are pre-plumbed and pre-wired and ready to go.





Web Enabled

Web EnabledMultiple menus enable you to review and modify wash recipes, adjust timers and counters, view revenue, observe system operations, monitor electrical equipment and test any of the wash’s functions.
Other options such as blowers, door controls, reclaim systems and other support equipment are also easily controlled with the Operator Interface Panel.


Get the most out of your location. Study the demographics to decide if your site needs one, two or even three automatics to maximize its income producing potential. Depend on a knowledgeable Jim Coleman Company distributor to work with you develop your plan.

One Bay Automatic

Single Bay AutomaticCustom graphics lets you match the look of your Water Wizard 2.0 to your wash design.


Two Bay Automatic

Two Bay Automatic

Three Bay Automatic

Retrofit Automatic

Retrofit AutomaticConverting a self serve bay to a Water Wizard 2.0 automatic attracts new clients and typically produces 3-5 times the income of a single self service wash bay



Custom Automatic Graphics

Custom Automatic GraphicsThis PDF file contains samples of custom graphics on some of our automatic carwash systems. Any of them can be modified for the Water Wizard 2.0, the FusionX or the eFusion. Colors can also be modified as well as adding your own logo. Some of these graphics are "FULL COLOR WRAPS," while some are "SPOT-COLOR." Either process can be accomplished.
Custom graphics do require an additional fee and is not included in the price of your carwash system. Our graphics department can take your logo and prepare some samples. For custom logos, we only use the following formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, EPS, Freehand, Corel Draw. If your logo is a Photoshop EPS or PDF file, it must be at 50% scale at 300 dpi.

Download Examples

Let Jim Coleman Company work with you to design a wash that fits your location and maximize your washes income potential.

Water Wizard Custom Graphics   Water Wizard Custom Graphics
Water Wizard Custom Graphics  
  Water Wizard Custom Graphics
Water Wizard Custom Graphics   Water Wizard Custom Graphics
Water Wizard Custom Graphics   Water Wizard Custom Graphics



Typical Layout of Water Wizard 2.0 Bay Water Wizard Specs

Electrical Required:
125 Amp 3 phase 208/230 Volt (28 kw)
(Fusable Disconnect Switch w/125 amp Dual Element Fuses Recommended)20 Amp 1 phase 110 Volt Dedicated Service

Water Supply:
1” (26mm) Cold Water - Min. Pressure 40 psi (2.75bar) - Max. 60 psi (4.5 bar)Flow Rate: 32 gpm (122 lpm)Air Supply:
½” Incoming line - 10 cfm @ 100 psi (7 bar)

Pump Plant 30”wide X 60”long X 70”high
(762mm X 1524mm X 1778mm)Electrical Panel 29”wide X 36”high X 8” deep
(736mm X 736mm X 203mm)Gantry 11’10” wide X 45” deep X 8’10” high (10’8” high w/blower)
(3.61m X 1.14m X 2.69m) (3.25m)Vehicle Height Clearance 84” (2.13m)

Recommended Bay Dimensions:
Length 34’ (10.36m)
Width 15’4” (4.67m) (14’ min) (4.27m)
Height 12’ (3.66m) (11’ min) (3.35m)
Min. Door Opening Height 9’6” (2.9m)


General Water Wizard Gantry and Pump Stand Maintenance/Service Tips:

  1. Check all eyes for any visible damage and make sure they are clean. Use your eye tester and cable to check the reading on both gantry and safety eyes (AW A14 is the best and G2 is unacceptable).
  2. Check all seven proxs to be sure they are clean on the end and have a gap of 3/16”. Use dielectric grease in the connections of all proxs and eyes.
  3. Check all chemical pumps for leaks and correct pressure. Make sure all air regulators are set correctly.
    a. Pre-soak pump at 50lbs and air at 30lbs
    b. Tire Cleaner pump at 50lbs and air at 30lbs
    c. Triple Shine pump at 50lbs and air at 45lbs
  4. Pre-Soak heater should not be over 120ºF.
  5. The wash boom in the gantry must be level with the frame. Both rubber bump stops, in the frame, on the passenger side of the boom must be in place.
  6. Do not put grease on the vertical guide rods in the gantry. Keep them free of dust and dirt.
  7. Do a visual check of all parts of the pump stand and gantry to be sure nothing is leaking and everything is working properly. If anything looks out of the ordinary, investigate further.

If none of these tips help solve the problem, contact our Automatic Technical Support Department for further troubleshooting. They can be reached at 1-800-999-9878.


Water Wizard 2.0
Also known as: Automatic Car Wash
  Touchless Car Wash
  Touch Free Car Wash
  Automatic Car Wash Equipment
  In Bay Automatic Car Wash

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